Chairperson Message

Dear Students,


Swami Vivekananda, the great reformer and thinker of India used to say that ‘A nation is advanced in proportion to education and intelligence spread among the masses’. He hold the opinion that a sculptor has a clear idea about what he wants to shape out of the marble block; a painter knows what he is going to paint and similarly if a teacher moulds the students then he is actually moulding the future of a nation.


Swamiji attempted to establish, through his words and deeds, that the end of all education is man-making. Similar are my views that our nation will grow leaps and bounds if the education provided to its youth is contributing to the success of society, nation and humanity. JECRC with its decade long background has tried to provide the best education, research innovation, job opportunities and overall development to its students. It has created a platform that provides world-class education and ethical values which                                                                          help growing India along with making its mark in the Globe.

President Message

Dear Student,


‘The real difficulty is that people have no idea of what education truly is. We assess the value of education in the same manner as we assess the value of land or of shares in the stock-exchange market. We want to provide only such education as would enable the student to earn more. We hardly give any thought to the improvement of the character of the educated.’


These lines by Mahatma Gandhi show that education is not a mechanical process only rather it is a process of the transformation of personality. I also feel that education should be the like the medal of success, which helps in building the nation rather than just the way to get a degree. With the same vision JECRC University was established.


JECRC University as a splendid temple of learning welcomes you to become the part of it by equipping yourself with the acumen to address local and global challenges no matter how far you reside, no matter you work somewhere at the same time. I would like to congratulate you on choosing JECRC University. JU with its vision to contribute in academic, professional, cultural and social environment of the levels of individuals and communities, tries to instill a spirit of professionalism, social responsibility and sense of patriotism by providing optimum opportunities to grow academically and intellectually, thus shaping its students into a well rounded human being.


JU is fully equipped to support its students leading them towards the path of success. The university with its serene and beautiful campus, well equipped labs, well stocked library, fully air-conditioned hostel cubicles, mess providing variety of food, sports facilities, clubs / societies, not only ensures appropriate learning environment but also inculcates the spirit of innovation and creativity. The teacher at JU teach and facilitate learning them through such a way which lead the students to their all round development. The university tries its best to connect its students to the Global market through its collaboration with internationally reputed knowledge partners. The university with such a huge acumen of knowledge tries to connect its learners to the Global village.


The modern curriculum, Research endeavors, pedagogical advancements, international collaborations, industry partnerships, faculty development and incubation practices at the university bring transformative impact on the students motivating them to build their world by contributing in the success and development of society and nation. In this way JU tries to act as a catalyst, while converting its intake into intellectuals and visionaries.


Education provides one with the spirit to make one’s dreams come true. I, welcome all the students who choose to execute their dreams of education through JECRC University. I also assure you that the brand of JU will make you feel head and shoulder high at every step of your life leading you towards the optimal execution of what you learn here.


Best Wishes!!

Prof. Victor Gambhir,

President, JECRC University.

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