PGP In International Business

Post-Graduate Program in International Business will provide students with knowledge, skills, and abilities to understand the global economic, political, cultural and social environment within which firms operate. The program has been intended to discuss in detail the nature and ramifications of headways and changes in the worldwide business scene and give students the essential aptitudes and attitudes for working adequately inside existing and future associations.

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Programme Overview

Post Graduate Program in International Business is 11 months live online program. It means to prepare existing and forthcoming administrators with the vital competency to figure systems in the steadily developing worldwide business situation. The program is intended to meet the changing requirements of business and has worldwide acknowledgement.

This program is intended to benefit students with the abilities and self-assurance to remain on the ball and adequately deal with a wide scope of business conditions.

Programme Structure

  • International Business
  • Global Trade and Investment Environment
  • Global Monetary System
  • International Marketing Management
  • International Economics
  • International Business Law
  • International Finance Management
  • Mergers & Acquisition & Corporate Restructuring
  • Capstone Project

Our Methodology

Digital Learning Resources

Self-paced digital reading resources in the form of PDF, e-books and articles

Digital Learning Resources

Live Classes

Quizzes and Assessments

Case Studies and Projects

Recorded Videos

Discussion Forums

Career Prospects

A professional with a certificate obtained in International Business Management can get a job  in the following domains:

  • Aviation, Travel & Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Government Agencies and the Non-profit Organizations
  • Banking Sector and Consulting Firms
  • Manufacturing and Automobile
  • FMCG

Programme Fees

Semester 1
Rs 30000
Semester 2
Rs 25000
Rs 55000.00
Semester 1
Semester 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Why PGP in International Business

The rise in the number of international companies and growing businesses that are competing at an international level has led to an increase in the popularity of courses like International Business. Many of these companies that are looking to expand and establish their business abroad need candidates that are both efficient at handling international scenarios and are also well-versed with the theories and concepts that can be useful for business’ establishment.

All these factors and the opportunity to travel abroad add to the temptation of pursuing a course in International Business at the post graduate level.

Program Outcomes

The key outcome of this program is to groom global leaders with:

  • Gain a conceptual understanding of international business environment including the foreign economic, social, political, cultural, and legal environment

  • Demonstrate understanding of overseas markets, international agreements, international trade and investment

  •  Exhibit the ability to integrate economics, geopolitics, legal and cultural dimensions necessary for multi-national operations

  • Understand the mechanics of importing and exporting, joint venture, franchising, and subsidiaries, international dimensions of management, marketing and accounting, and international financial management

  • Develop an entry strategy into other markets recognizing the nature of institutions and forces governing the process of globalization

  • Develop strong general management competencies to work across cultures


Graduation degree or 3 years Diploma with min 5 years of experience.


It is a 11 months program.

Is the University approved by UGC?

JECRC University has been established vide the JECRC University, Jaipur Act, 2012 (Act No. 15 of 2012) published in the Gazette of Rajasthan dated May 2, 2012

Is PGP in International Business approved by UGC?

Short-term skilling programs are not specifically approved by UGC. However, the same is it to be approved by Internal Statutory Body of the University. Please check the regulation of UGC on the same: (please check for recognition of Diploma or Certificates)

What are some of the reasons that may lead to rejection of an application?
  • Incomplete application form

  • Incomplete documents as required for respective program to proof eligibility

  • Not completing the application process within the stipulated time

  • Non-payment of requisite fees within the stipulated time

Any support or process of attending Pre-Admission Counselling?

All students who apply or show interest for any of our programs are given detailed counselling in person or on phone by our Academic Counsellors. Also, a live webinar is conducted by faculty of respective program where student can ask their queries and seek any clarification about the program.

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